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November Meeting - Building a Book Using InDesign

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Member Showcase - Toot Your Horn!
Entry posted on Dec 01, 2012 by cmgap , tagged Design

Our last meeting of 2012 is fast approaching. Join us for the inspiring demonstrations of three of our own members:

Who: Amy Kotsopoulos, Arukor Communications, Partner
Category: Print Design
Application: Illustrator
Work Sample: Poster

Who: Ken Harvey
Category: Image Editing
Application: Photoshop
Work Sample: Photo restoration, B&W original from 1940

Who: Linda Lagana
Category: Graphic Design
Application(s): InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
Work Sample: Before/After design examples

November Meeting - Building a Book Using InDesign
Entry posted on Oct 19, 2012 by cmgap , tagged Print,Event,Design

Graphic Designers, Photographers, Writers & Artists - You won't want to miss November's presentation!

Building a Book in Adobe InDesign

Many online book publishing websites provide convenient templates for book production. You have greater flexibility in layout and design, however, if you build the book yourself in Adobe InDesign, export the book to a pdf file, and then upload the pdf to the publishing website. This presentation will discuss the basics of book production in InDesign, and demonstrate the book creation process by assembling a small photo book about Paris on the spot. This promises to be an inspiring meeting to attend. We're looking forward to a full house for this meeting!


Note from User Group Mgr:

Hello and welcome to the Adobe User Group of Nashua, NH.  We will using for meeting organization & social networking.

This group will meet monthly to connect active advanced Adobe users with beginners to exchange knowledge and share experiences with Adobe Creative Suite. The primary goal will be to provide a local, community based group for users to turn to for support, inspiration and camaraderie. The meeting place is already established and the method of communicating meeting dates and times will be promoted via, facebook and local newspapers under the community section. The group will utilize members for demonstrations as well as seek guest speakers.

Our goal is to meet monthly to connect beginners and advanced Adobe Creative Suite and Lightroom users for an exchange of knowledge and ideas. Bring a friend, colleague, question, idea...

NOTE: Join the group in three easy steps. 1. Create an Adober User ID 2. Create a nickname 3. Click on the Join this group button on the right hand column on this page. Watch these 30 second 'how to' videos...

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User Group Mgrs: Celeste Guidice, Laura Carlson


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